Reality TV Reviews....?

do you want to watch vids of me talking about the glorious, trashy "reality" shows that I watch?
of course you do...Im currently watching some hilarious new shows, so please check them out so my rants will make some kind of sense to you;
-MTV's Real World Brooklyn: I know, I know, we all lost faith in this series a few seasons ago when it became porn, but when I have exhausted all other options on new shows this one was just flaunting itself in front of me. I didnt know anything about it all before watching the premiere episode which aired last week.
I must say, MTV, I didnt think you could or would ever do it again, but you did, you gave us 8 strangers this time, which is not really a big deal since you know that down the line, someone will be out and a new person in, but what makes this season something to actually watch, not only for the Brooklyn hotspots but one of the roommates is a post-op tranny!
ok, now this may seem funny to you, but I would totally have expected this from Tyra, we know a tranny on antm sounds shocking, but in reality its really not at all shocking to realize that some men are just better at being women than we are...I ain't mad at ya! For some reason though, I just never thought that the Real World would actually jump back into reality enough to show more than the token gay, and token ethnic, and the token redneck characters. (I dont need to mention the tokensssss sluts characters, thats a given)
ok so thats one show I started to watch, and I liked it...
Another is on VH1, where I go when I think MTV isnt trashy enough,, but VH1 really does have some gems for shows...currently watching this new one because all my other faves ended:
Confessions of a Teen Idol: wow, I guess it seems I really am desperate for new tv shows, but it all looks and sounds really wack. HOWEVER, this show has redeemed itself for me when I started watching and saw the fabulously hot piece that was and is Mr. Eric go watch them and then I will rant on...more shows, and more reviews.
Videos???? maybe...
+/- :channel thriftalina.

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