thriftalina's favorite thrifty websites: Life of a Shopaholic

I often get asked about "where do I find all these deals and freebies?" It definitely takes some time at first to find the best sites to look on, but the secret is to sign up for the sites email newsletters so that the deals come to you! It can be overwhelming in your inbox so I recommend using a filter on your email keep your personal messages sorted. The reason you want to do this rather than use a different address is because some sites give you "email clicking bonuses" that you will get from checking out particular messages, or in some cases you will need to use the same email that you use for online purchasing, but more on those types of sites soon...
Anyway I wanted to start off 2010 by sharing my most valuable sites with you! First is truly for what I call "Luxury Thrifting": Life of a Shopaholic! Did you ever wish you knew about all the BEST fashion sales on the internet BEFORE everything is sold out? Just sign up to get LOAS email and their daily message will let you know when, and where online super sales are happening. And it's also a great resource to find NEW sites to shop on! (as if we neeeeed that! ;))
So you know you got some gift cards you want to get the most for less so check Life of a Shopaholic first!

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