Tryazon & Spontuneous Board Game Night! My Favorite Freebies Series


Once you get going getting Freebies and Sponsored Free Products you start finding the Sponsored Party Opportunities. These are "Deluxe" Sampling Offers where you sign up and hope to get chosen for various "House Parties" to Promote and Share a new Product. 
I have been lucky enough to do many of these House Parties over the years and when I see a chance for a New Game Night I always have to sign up! 
We love having game night around here, trying new fun things and of course and excuse to get together and eat! is a website that offers these great opportunities to host house parties for new products all the time. The "catch" here is that you may not get chosen and if you do you are agreeing to a Free product in exchange for sharing and posting about it on your blog or social media pages or both. I have signed up for a few of these chances previously but this is the first time that I have been chosen for a party by Tryazon. 
On Tryazon you sign up to be able to receive hosting offers, then for each offer you get sent in your email there is a short but thoughtful application to fill out. Then you wait to see if you get picked!
When I signed up for the Spontuneous Game Night Party I made sure to mention that we are a Music and Game loving household. A few weeks later I got an email saying I was chosen to host and will be receiving the New Spontuneous Board Game sent to me for Free along with some discount coupons for my guests to get the game at a bargain.

Here is the Game and the Coupons for the Guests to take Home! Tryazon sent me an email with a download to a Hosting Guide with tips and tricks for hosting my Spontuneous Game night.  I was informed after receiving these that whomever wins the game night will have the chance to get their Spontuneous game Free with a Special Rebate Discount Code I was sent in an email. 
Tryazon also made a point to give me a phone call to see if there was anything else I needed to have a good game night!  
After everyone checked out this fun new musical game, and we went over the game directions, I made sure to hand out the coupons and let everyone know they could get the game for free if they win! 
The Spontuneous Game took a little bit of a learning curve to get the hang of, Ill admit we were all a bit confused until we got going and playing, but once you do it ends up being really funny, potentially loud but always musical and entertaining. It's definitely a unique and original board game that is unlike any other that We have ever played. Its sort of like Musical Password? maybe? Kind of?  
Then we played, sang, laughed and giggled at eachother trying to guess our song lyric trigger words and struggled to win the game, I think our Zach ended up winning only because he had the most words!
Overall we will probably incorporate this board game into our game nights sometimes, it was extremely fun to be able to host a game party around the idea of such a new game like Spontuneous! 
I think for my first Tryazon Sponsored Party it was a success, I really look forward to seeing what other opportunities Tryazon will have for us! 
*This is a #sponsored product post, I was given a free product to review but all of the opinions are my own,
Thanks for reading my blog! I hope to bring you more posts like this about my favorite freebie and sponsored product sampling sites so please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

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