Been busy Blogging???

Well, I actually have just not on the computer. I have been journaling IRL since I could write. Remember those little diaries with locks on them? I have gone through and noticed that I have over 20 different journals from over the years! Some filled, some partially, and some are brand new because I used to work at a bookstore and couldnt resist a new, fresh, blank book.

It takes some getting used to for me to get over here and blog but I have been preparing posts and content all the while, Im in the process of sifting through my thousands of photos and resizing them for the page, it seems blogging may not be as simple as a pen to the page but I am working on it!

I also get lost reading blogs, so it takes away from my own blogging time, either way I love checking out new blogs and I ask that you leave me a comment here with your blog link so I can add yours too.

You might notice all the tags on this post-just a few of my interests I wanted to post and share with you...there will always be more to come!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's always great to meet a fellow bargain hunter.

    Right now I just stockpile my items. I share with my family, boyfriend and friends. I am planning on having a yardsale this spring to sell some other stuff and I plan on throwing some of my stockpile items out there as well. I also once made a donation to a local homeless shelter. And even after all that, I still have wayyyy too much.

    My email is lauriemac982 (at) aol (dot) com if you want to chat more.