I love html?

How did I get so geeky? I have no clue but I am so happy to find the community of female bloggers who are like me, never satisfied with their templates and want to change everything. Its so awesome to know that I can tweak this page to look like almost anything, its a lot of work but I tend to utilize my life-long Insomnia to get me motivated and then I end up staying up all night modifying one tiny little portion of this page--I am still trying to add a few features to make the page more fun. But I cant wait to add my other posts that I have in draft, so please be sure to check back to this space for new/old posts! hahha. The pic above is one of my favorites from when we used to live with our children (cats)-Can you Spot Johnny's Lil Bro? Sadly, we dont live with them anymore and NO, thats not where I am sitting now---but it does remind me that I need to take a pic of my NEW Office/Workroom Setup for you!
Thank you Hax Sisters!

So much ♥ to:
Annie @ BlogU
Amanda @ Blogger Buster
Justine @ iJustine
Sharnee @ Suck My Lolly
Shana @ Pixel Girl Presents

*AND whoever I may have forgotten in my 4am internet travels! Thanks Ladies!

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