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just something I made up quick with a free image to say thank you to all of my supportive friends and let you know just how busy I am lately! you guys are great, I am getting a lot of stuff ready. If anyone wants to help me please contact me, theres lots of freebies and fun to be had!
Hope everyone is having a happy spring so far, it's been mostly cold and wet and YES, SNOW for us here in upstate NY. Good thing I have plenty of tea and photo editing to do!
I just got some stuff out of storage that has been there for 5 years! Its pretty crazy but after getting it home I realized what a small portion I even had! There will be many more trips getting stuff out of storage and I'm documenting it all because its madness how many cool posters I have for sale, it pays to be a superfan as a kid-I cant wait to get that stuff up on ebay. I also grabbed my school art portfolios and wow, how funny to look back at some of the projects I did back then-Don't Worry I will share some with you!
+thriftalina's tip!: click the "free image" link above in my post to be taken to a great site full of high quality royalty FREE images! Excellent for blogging, posting and digital art-there is no spam on there and I know you will find some uses for it-Let me know how you use these images!

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