its not that I dont 'blog'...

its just that I dont upload everything...I do take a million pics everyday, and "journal" and make crafts, and art and blahdy blahdy blah...but to get it online is turning into my biggest challenge...
I have had this conversation with a few people lately about how "artists" are now supposed to also be "marketers" of their works in order to make a living. It's quite an interesting discussion to have with people who have been doing things for so long OFFLINE.
To transition from just creating and directing the creation physically to creating, photographing, blogging, promoting in order to direct adds many other layers that for me, I need to be "digitally" inspired to get the feeling for blogging and editing a million pics and stuff.
My artsy and crafty friends may agree, sometimes you feel like painting, and sometimes you feel like sewing, so I guess this stuff is my lame excuse for why I havent much content.
That and Im just too ocd to "just post" everyday, I want to share the pics and the ideas and make coming to my page worth your while.
I want to thank all of my supporters and friends for helping me out with everything!
I look forward to working with you guys too!

for now, I have been posting my tidbits and tips at thriftalina on facebook daily as much as I can.

when the next wave of 'blogging' inspiration hits, this page will be flooded...Thanks for sticking with me!

Please make sure I have your address so I can send you off some goodies very soon!


  1. Any artist that wants financial success from his/her craft has to promote shimself. Artists have been marketing themselves since artists have been earning income for their chosen craft(s). It isn't the job that has changed, it's the ability to reach more people through many more channels.

  2. yes, I completely agree Leanne, thanks so much for your comment.
    I am really good in person, and personally online but Im finding the transition into the "masses" to be a bit uncomfortable...its hard for me to put so much out online, and in real life at the same takes an energy balance that I am learning to work with...
    that and I wish I had some fun creative peops like you to chill with!