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Sorry to all my AWESOME visitors, I have neglected this page!
I am working on SO much right now, art projects, getting my house together and unpacking stuff that has been in storage for 10 years, attempting an ENTIRE new scheme for this page, getting all my old photos and files from my old computer, attempting photo editing on over a million pics, AND MICRO-BLOGGING!
Its just a bit easier for me to handle right now, but I wanted to post so I could share the links...I DO microblog DAILY and maybe sometimes a bit too much! (sorry!)

for now please check out the Thriftalina on Facebook page HERE (oh yeah and I have a special treat for my first 100 fans on the facebook page!)
my Twitter feed HERE

Thank you I hope all of you are having an inspiring season!

FOR A SPECIAL PROJECT: ARE YOU "SELF TAUGHT" at what you do? If you consider yourself to be a SELF TAUGHT artist, musician, business owner, crafter, ANYTHING really...then PLEASE CONTACT ME at for my future project! Free Promotion is always fun no?

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