Power Bitch, Project Runway 6, and The Self Taught Revolution! (spoiler)

Why didn't anyone tell me that my favorite Power Bitch Kelly Cutrone was promoting her upcoming Bravo show (!?!?!) by doing these awesome clips on BlueFly's Youtube page?!

and I waited to just make sure it wasnt a fluke, but did ANYONE ELSE NOTICE that a SELF-TAUGHT designer (who didnt even know what ruching was!) WON the first challenge on Project Runway 6??! Yep, meet Christopher Straub:

I am telling you now, don't ever doubt the autodidacts! I am placing a bet that he will make it far in this season...but because we are only 2 episodes in, I'm not calling anyone as a winner just yet...
So if you are as obsessed with Project Runway as me, then please show some love to my favorite PR blogs: Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay (and let me just warn you, those sites are as addictive as the show itself!)
So has anyone caught the new season of Project Runway yet????

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