Margaret Cho, I never thought this day would come!

I have been a fan of the amazingly hilarious and talented and BEAUTIFUL Margaret Cho since I was in high school! That makes me feel a bit old, but it also reminds me that I never thought this day, TODAY would ever come! because you see, TODAY I can say "I am going to go see Margaret Cho tonight!" and it will for once mean that Im not watching her on DVD!

Im not too sure what she will have in store for us in Albany, but I do know she has her guitar in tow so it will be a new show format for most of us to see her, but I have no worries whatsoever that she will be kicking ass, NAMING names, and making me LAUGH OUT LOUD! YAY!
Here is a promo video for Margaret's most recent DVD release "Beautiful"

Don't forget to check out Margaret's blog HERE and her twitter feed @margaretcho

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