Finally Someone GaGa-Gets me....

OK, as if I didnt adore her enough already Lady GaGa says something in the latest (last) issue of Blender magazine that gave me hope that not all the world's fashion sense was lost...

"Today I got my nails done and the paparazzi came into the mall and stood outside the salon. I wanted to get my toes painted as well, but I couldn't. I would have had to put flip-flops on, and I'm really serious about never wearing flip-flops in public."
(i love an excuse to make a bad photo collage!)

For a while there I thought I was the only one who was seriously anti- "thong" sandals. In fact, I dont put anything on my body called a "thong" or a "flip-flop".

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  1. I was anti flip flop. Until I moved to Florida and I was issued 7 pairs in differing colors at the border. Seriously, they are part of the uniform in this crazy hot land.