How have I lived online so long without Kaboodle?

I have only been looking at the page for about 5 years now, I have hovered over the "create profile" link for just as long. I am glad I waited it out though because I know for a fact I would have not had enough time to waste (in a good way!). Kaboodle is like having a giant wishlist of everything you have ever looked at on the internet and wanted to buy.
It now has a social network feature as most sites do, but this one is great because it shows you people who also like the stuff that you do, or maybe even already have it then you can see their reviews.
The reviews and "recent purchases" parts are my faves so far *although there are a bunch of fun looking features that I didnt get to play around with yet*. I like these because one of the main reasons I started a blog was to do reviews.
So I just wanted to post this quick and say, go get on Kaboodle, click around,(add me as your friend!) get the "button" and go to any of your favorite sites and then you will see just how addictive it is. If you dont like it better than facebook, I'll be surprised.
*above, I've posted one of the new lists I created*

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