Viva Elisa!

photo from bravo

Elisa Jimenez is probably in my top 5 favorite Project Runway Designers. If I was able to, I would have been flying down to Texas just to get some of her pieces (and visit my golden ladies!). They are really hard to find, and since yes they are all unique, couture and imbibed by her, it may just have warranted a cross-country trip If only I'd heard of it in advance. Was anyone lucky enough to have gone?
polymorphism & spitmarks...

"Well, you can get your fix this week as “Project Runway” Season 4 designer Elisa Jimenez(she’s the designer who spit on fabric as a blessing mark) returns to Austin for a one-night fashion event. Jimenez, a University of Texas graduate, will offer selections from her three lines - prices will range from $20 to $225 - at the Pop-up & Play boutique at Malverde (400 W. Second St. 499-0300) from 6 to 9 p.m. April 2."

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