Major Fale!

lolcat - fail

I am such an internet dork, yes. I just noticed that during all of my ocd template and blog editing I accidentally deleted one of my posts! I am so frustrated now! It was my first real post with pics and everything so I do feel like I totally failed! WOH WOH!

So, this warrants me being all pissy with myself by eating junk food and watching movies today. Then I'll be on blogger asap to re-post and add more that I have been editing also.
I might watch the film Happiness, which I feel like I never got through for some reason or another. Or maybe Rachel Getting Married which I keep thinking is a comedy although Im not sure it is. But it will probably end up being Ong Bak 2 which both me and the hub really want to see. If you dont know what Ong Bak is, you should really see the first one and one called Tom Yum Goong both starring hot, Thai martial artist/director Tony Jaa. You dont have to know Thai to enjoy these movies and no, they really don't have anything to do with Quentin Tarantino. He just re-named them and brought them to the U.S. but I saw the originals first and thats is what I am recommending. These are mainly martial arts movies, and your guy will love them, so why do I?

Hmmm...I love horror movies and watching people get pwned, I love the most extreme films too, although this is a martial arts movie there is some seriously horrific scenes and Tony Jaa is seriously HOT in case I didn't mention it he kicks major ass. He does every single one of his own stunts and the choreography of the scenes is nothing short of amazing. If I must say it, fine: If you liked Kill Bill you will like these films. Also, let me know what the American versions are like...I still prefer watching them in Thai. Anyone seen any of these films, I'd love to know what you think and let me know some more good new dvds to find, what movies did you watch lately?
Click for Tony Jaa's Abs...

Go watch Ong Bak!

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  1. Ok so Ong Bak 2 was awesome. Tony Jaa is still super hot and still kicking major butt. I am going to edit with his pic later. I actually have to leave my house today! hahaha.